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When I woke up this morning, YOU were on my mind...

The estate sale business is not a 8-5 job. The estate sale business is often 6 AM to 10 PM... and then some. We often receive comments about how nice the items in the home look or questions are asked on how we come to a specific price on all items throughout the home. The answers are generally the same... time and effort.

Time is not always on my side...
Every day, time is being spent on all upcoming sales. Research. Ads. Pricing. Cleaning. Organizing... SOMETHING is always going on. We could hire more help to make this job much easier, but we do not. We WANT the hands-on feeling... the control you can only have when you are willing to get your own hands in the mix. This also helps us educate potential buyers when the items are priced because someone is bound to say that SOMETHING is not priced right. These answers can only be answered clearly if the person who did the research is in the room and we can back up the answer... and we do.

We wake up thinking about each sale... and what we can do to improve
When every sale ends, we have a meeting about that sale and how we can improve the next sale. We are always listening to the buyers and to our client (the homeowner) to make sure we are hitting on all cylinders. If you ever have a comment, we are always listening. If you wonder why we do something in a specific way, feel free to ask.

"I LOVE the music you play"
This is a common comment when you come to our sales. Music is being sent throughout the home for us all to enjoy. Music is a great conversation piece... because we all have shared memories of the day Elvis died or when the Beatles were on Ed Sullivan.  The music we play is not by chance... it is all by choice. We have been told that someone could come to our sales blindfolded and know that is is a Painted Penny sale JUST because of the music they hear.

YOU are on my mind
YOU... may be the owner of the home
YOU... may be the person shopping our sale
YOU... may be the next client who has not even called us yet
YOU... are always being considered and appreciated and we do not take any of you for granted.

Thank you for choosing Painted Penny Estate Sales
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