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Memories, pressed between the pages of my mind...
Sweetened through the ages just like wine...

w1I walked into an estate sale the other day on one of my days off, (and yes... we do visit other estate sale companies as we enjoy them ourselves) and I found something quite unexpected. It was an older home, the house was musty and there was nothing in the home of any real financial value. The home was clearly lived in a by an elderly couple who spent little on themselves or their surroundings. The newest piece of furniture in the house was a chair that looked like it came right out of the 60s…. faded gold in color and fabric material that was not comfortable in any way… but it wore like iron. In fact, none of the furniture looked worn. It was all in very good condition but it was not something that would fit with our decoration.

On the wall of the home above the fireplace was a painting that spoke to my heart. I knew I had seen it before but could not remember where or when, but I knew it was something from my past. I went through the rest of the house with my wife and before walking out the door, I took a quick photo of the art and away we went. As the day went on and I kept looking back at the photo I had taken, the painting continued to pull me in to the point that I drove back to the sale and the painting was still on the wall… almost waiting for me (most of you know this feeling). I bought it for the discounted grand total of $9.65.

I emailed the name of the photo to my brother (Mountain Mist by Wijmer) and he quickly reminded me this was the painting that hung in my grandparents living room when we were little kids until they passed in the mid 80s. He was right. This was that same painting… even the same frame. I knew it was not their painting, but it was the exact same in every other way. I could see it clearly above their plastic covered sofa right next to the console stereo with turntable and near the recliner in the corner with the small towels on the arm rests to keep it clean and protected.

This painting brought back the memories of Grandma and Grandpa from 50 years ago and I would have missed the memory of them today if not for that $9.65 painting.