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The FOOTBOOK... Save it? Spend it? Invest it?

A penny saved is a penny earned….
…Something my grandparents used to tell me. Basically means it is good to save the money that you already have but it is also good to earn more.
My grandparents bought my brother and I small amount of stock when we were around 8 years old. It started an interest in the stock market at a very young age…… it let me know I needed to pay attention to money but about the only time I paid attention to the stock was when the dividend check showed up once a year for $30-$40.00. This was serious money when you had none. They always let us decide what to do every year… let it sit and build or get the check…..I always got the check. My brother let his sit but not because he did not want the money in his pocket now. He let it sit because he did not need the money for anything. I too did not need it… but I wanted it.
You already know the ending. Years later he would have enough to buy a good used car. I did not. When he bought his first house, he kept within his budget and means while I stretched it to the limit with my first house. My house payment was a whopping $375.00 per month. His was almost $200.00. 12 years later he told me he paid off his house early. I had already moved twice to slightly bigger houses and slightly bigger mortgages. This was a wakeup call… and the morning bell was loud.


No more wasting money. Reuse and fix and save the difference became a way to live for us. When we needed new furniture, we bought the newest used furniture we could that was in very good shape. When the washer and dryer went out, we bought used for a few hundred and they lasted 20 plus years because things were made better back then. I realized I don’t need the bells and whistles…. I just need my clothes clean. When this dies and goes to Maytag heaven for being such a great set, we will buy another used set and it may be the last set we buy.


We all have to spend money. Food. Utilities. School for ourselves or our kids. Clothing. Home. Gas. Auto. The list does not stop and the spending will never end. Utilities have to be paid. Taxes have to be paid. Where we spend our additional money is what changes our lives. We all deserve to spend the money we earn wherever we want… nobody is going to ever convince me I should spend money on anything that I cannot control. There is no fine line between need and want. I need what I need and I want what I want. The needs come first and the wants come as time passes.


There are many ways to save money. Put it in the bank. Invest in stocks and bonds. Invest in property. Invest in a business. Save it in the cookie jar. Put in under the bed. Put it in the freezer. Me? I like buying things that will give me a return on my investment… but also things I can enjoy. I have some old comic books. I have a 1950’s Coke machine. Old metal car banks. Some Disney and some football and some baseball items. While they sit and appreciate, I get to enjoy them all. I go and spend time at the Busy Beever estate sales and look for the next addition to my collection. I have been to their auctions and seen all types of collectibles and added a few of my own. Because I live in a mid-sized home, I do not buy the large items… I buy the things that go on shelves or on the walls. Things I can enjoy and things that start up conversations. Sometimes I get the right item and sometime the item gets me… its just like having money in the stock market but I enjoy it so much more. Some things I buy just for fun… it is just for me. The Foot Book was clearly not an investment…


footbookThe Foot Book….
That is what my granddaughter calls it… the Foot Book. It is not a book about feet. It is not a normal book. It is simply a book that is sitting on my bookshelf and she always calls it the foot book. WHY does she call it the Foot Book? Because there is a very large foot on the cover. Who would put a very large foot on the cover of their book? Monty Python. Monty Python was a great memory of my youth. The book allows me to share these memories with my own grandkids. The money I spent on it was not as an investment for money… it was an investment in time. My time. My grandkids time. This $4.00 used estate sale book has created more interest than my $3500.00 coke machine. Priceless.


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