Painted Penny Estate Sales

Free Consultations
No Out-of-Pocket Fees
Cleanout After Sale Available
Carpet Protection
Missouri - Kansas

Program Details

1st Step… Free Consultation
     ♦ Discuss your needs and timeline
     ♦ Discuss available dates for the sale
     ♦ Review after sale options

2nd Step…Sign Contract

     ♦ Contracts bind both parties

3rd Step…Advertising the Sale
     ♦ Place advertising online and in local venues for larger items
     ♦ Send an e-mail to our database of customers who attend our sales
     ♦ Plan where all signs in the area will be placed the days of the sale
     ♦ Schedule all online advertising right through the final day of the sale

4th Step…Pictures and Inventory
     ♦ We will visit again and take pictures and measurements of large items
     ♦ Take an inventory of all large and valuable items being sold
     ♦ Large items (cars, house, rv, cycles, etc)... will be advertised early 
5th Step…Begin to Prepare the Sale
     ♦ Sort, clean and organize all items being offered in the sale
     ♦ Bring tables and shelving units to ensure items are displayed tastefully
     ♦ Stage all items in their appropriate places in your home    
     ♦ Research items to ensure they are priced at a fair market price
     ♦ Price and tag all items for sale

6th Step…The Sale

     ♦ Assure there is sufficient staff to cover the sale indoors and outdoors
     ♦ Assure a professional and comfortable shopping atmosphere
     ♦ Prepare for crowd control
     ♦ Sell your treasures

7th Step…Payment

     ♦ You will receive a summary of the sale and payment