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You CANNOT Make this stuff up...

The day before our last sale in September 2017 was a unforgettable beginning to a sale.
I arrived at the sale a day early to make the final preparations and to tune the sale up as we do all sales... making sure all signs are up with arrows and the house is clean from top to bottom.
When I arrived, a mini van was parked in front of the house. Thinking it was the homes real estate agent, I used my key and went into the house (barely noticing two plastic ziploc containers with names on the front steps). I hollered a few times but nobody came. I went about my work for a few minutes then opened the front door to go out to the truck to get a few supplies, and a very kind couple exited the mini van and began walking my way.

We Flew In From Florida
Yes, you read that right. They had flown in from Florida to attend this specific sale. They did not not offer up any specifics of what they had come for and I did not ask. He had emailed me a few times before the sale and he had thought a local friend would make it to the sale to buy on their behalf but this was not to be... so they bought the round trip tickets for each and rented a mini van and came for the sale... a day early. He had asked in his email what the procedure was for placing a marker and I gave him the basics in a responding email. Nothing odd here...

We Will Be Respectful of the Neighbors
They slept in the van. I looked out multiple times thoughout the evening and they never left. In fact, a second buyer showed up around 9 and he also put his marker on the steps. For the next hour, I could hear them outside the window talking. I had to leave to go put out the arrows for the sale and when I returned, only one car remained. Seems the other man was there for the same item the first couple was there for. He stepped aside and left it for our Florida couple.

9 AM Thursday and the Door is Opening
I had slept in the house the night before the sale started to keep the house secure as this was odd to look out and see a van in front ofthe home all night... but they never left. The doors opened at 9 and the couple went through and quickly grabbed a half dozen items but were checked out and leaving by 9:30... spending a mediocre amount. I asked them only if they had been able to buy everything they wanted and they said yes and away they went after paying in full.

They Did Not Return To the Sale
They did not come back Friday or Saturday. There were no further emails or phone calls. I will say that we received more from this couple in storytelling than they bought from this sale as we have a lifetime of one great story that I do not ever see being beat.
I will let you all know if we ever hear from them again... you cannot make this stuff up.

Thank you for choosing Painted Penny Estate Sales
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